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What makes Crate unique? 

  • It is not a CSA. Order every week or just skip a week. You only pay for the items you want.

  • It's customizable. Order the products you want in the quantities you need. 

  • Everything is sustainably grown. As stewards of the land, we are constantly conscious of what we put into our precious soil.

Greetings from our HillTop!

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A New Season

And just like that, the 2021 season has officially come to a close for HillTop. I’m not sure who decided to let time fly so quickly, but it certainly doesn’t seem to slow down at all as we grow older.


The season began for us as it does every year: in the winter months, while the soil rests and rejuvenates, knowing what is to come. Winter months are spent focusing on my kids, reviewing seed catalogs & preparing notes, placing orders.


Long before the temperature shifts, the planting begins. Thousands upon thousands of seeds tucked into potting soil, a journey beginning that will eventually carry them into your homes and gardens.


This thought always brings so much comfort to me. A story begins with us and continues with you. I imagine the laughter and joy and memories that will be made among your plants. Children playing, family barbecues, bonfires, birthday celebrations… our plants playing a part in the backdrop of your perfect summer evenings.


Thank you for inviting us into your story in such a special, subtle way.


I look forward to keeping in touch with you over the winter, and hope it brings the same rest and rejuvenation it brings to the land.